Candidates Support Reading by joining the Hiphop and Books Literacy Campaign

Candidates Support Reading by joining the Hiphop and Books Literacy Campaign
Deon Sams, Poprah, Stefanie Sitzer, Andrew Long, Robert Smith, Georgette Cardenas, Boris Kuperman and Kendra Haffoney have joined the Hiphop and Books Coalition.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Press Release: "Work for Diddy" veteran Rob Smith Presents: The Mocha Lounge

New York, NY:  October 17th, 2008 - I Want to Work for Diddy star and blogger Rob Smith and's gay lifestyle writer Ramon Johnson are launching The Mocha Lounge, a groundbreaking new show focusing on gay men of color in the media. The Mocha Lounge will be broadcast bi-weekly on and, both properties of the LOGOonline Network which receives an average of 2.9 million unique visitors per month. An episode archive and regularly updated notification of personalities to be featured on the show can be found at 

Robert Smith
"This show is here because now is the time to make a more concentrated effort to diversify the images in the gay community," says creator and executive producer Rob Smith (seen above). "The Mocha Lounge will definitely bring something fresh and new into the conversation."

The Mocha Lounge will cover politics, pop culture, and everything in-between with its gaze fixed on the gay men of color that populate all of these different areas. Mocha Lounge co-hosts Rob and Ramon will also engage in conversations and interviews with the hottest personalities, entertainers, and authors on the scene today! Hiding in Hip Hop author Terrance Dean and I Want to Work for Diddy star and first transwoman of color on reality television Laverne Cox will both appear in the Fall '08 season, which will air bi-weekly from October 16th through December 11th. 

The Mocha Lounge name comes from the hue that is a mixture of all the beautiful complexions of different gay men of color, and is an indication that nobody is to be left out. Co-host Ramon Johnson agrees. "This isn't about just black gay men, this is about us all. Gay men of color need this representation. That's why The Mocha Lounge is here."

Please forward all inquiries and media requests to




Logo is the world's leading ad-supported cable, satellite, online, mobile and digital entertainment network for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) audience, from MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom (NYSE: VIA, VIA.B).  Launched in 2005, Logo's cable channel is in more than 33 million homes across the United States and is complemented by a federation of online properties, including,,,, and  Logo's content is distributed across all leading download-to-own, streaming and mobile services.  The most influential brand for the most influential audience, Logo provides a mix of original and acquired entertainment as well as news, social networking and community building that are authentic, smart, fun, entertaining, and inclusive.  Logo joins MTV Networks' roster of popular and highly targeted brands which include MTV, Comedy Central, VH1 and Spike TV.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Red Tadjer from I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY talks with Conversations LIVE!

On Thursday, October 16, 2008 Conversations LIVE! spoke to Red Tadjer from the hit VH1 show I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY. The two had been trying to get together for a couple of weeks, but the opportunity presented itself during a special edition of the radio program.

In the exclusive one-hour interview, Tadjer talked about why he hasn't been doing press since the show began to air and even since the season ended. He also discussed his opinion about the way the show played out, the way he was portrayed and gave a detailed account about the last challenge that saw him get eliminiated.

Did you miss this interview? If so, listen to the podcast here!
This completes Conversations' series of talking with all the candidates from the hit reality show. Did you miss any of the other interviews? They can be found by visiting

Friday, October 10, 2008

Listen to our post-finale interview with WORK FOR DIDDY'S Stefanie Sitzer here!

Missed Conversations LIVE!'s interview with Stefanie Sitzer* from the hit VH1 show I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY? Listen to it here:
On Friday, October 10, 2008 ---just days after the season finale of the show aired---Stefanie sat down with Conversations LIVE! show host Cyrus A. Webb to talk about her experience with reality television, the way she was portrayed on the show and some of the controversial scenes that some in the media and blogosphere jumped on, painting a less than flattering picture of the 21 year old candidate.
Stefanie addresses all of these issues and more as she moves forward into the next chapter of her life.
* Stefanie is a proud supporter of Shadow Play Entertainment's Hiphop and Books literacy campaign and the Ballin' With Books Literacy Coalition.

I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY candidates support national literacy campaign

Shadow Play Entertainment and its partners in literacy are pleased to announce that Georgette Cardenas, Robert Smith, Poprah, Boris "Can Do" Kuperman, Kendra Haffoney, Andrew Long, Stefanie Sitzer and Deon Sams from the hit VH1 reality show I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY have formerly endorsed the Hiphop and Books Literacy Campaign.

"They are all respectable individuals who are making a difference," says Hiphop and Books Founder Cyrus A. Webb,33, about the individuals. "I am glad to have them support our cause as we travel the country encouraging lovers of music to read more and pass on the knowledge they get from books." Webb began the initiative with platinum-selling recording artist Corey "C-Murder" Miller in April 2008 and since then the two have been active promoting reading across the country through forums, family-friendly concerts and meet and greets. To date over $5,000 books have been given away at events.

When Webb became aware of the show I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY he reached out to the candidates, and the response was overwelming. "They were more than happy to use their celebrity for such an important cause," Webb said.

Georgette Cardenas had this to say about why she joined the project: "In the world we live in today with so many kids growing up in single parent homes or just having so much exposure to the media it is highly important for recording artists to try and be positive role models for children and young adults who look up to them. Reading is definitely a topic that they should highlight in their work. Reading builds vocabulary, helps with spelling and exercises the brain. If the individuals that are in the spotlight emphasize the importance of it to our children and young adults who want to be like them, then without a doubt reading amongst the youth would be more popular. I think that being blessed with talent and being able to be an artist comes with the responsibility of educating and trying to impact the life of others in a positive manner."

Robert Smith agreed with this statement: "I'm proud to be a supporter of the hip hop and books literacy campaign. As a child growing up in the midwest, my best friend was the library, and it was the vocabulary and fundamentals that I learned from reading that have helped me to succeed in life. My love of reading has extended beyond school and college into my adult life, and to this day I still try to read at least one book per month because I continue to believe it keeps my mind sharp. I'm fully in support of this program because it seeks to build a much-needed bridge between the hip hop community and the literary community, and I think it's great that we have a program that is encouraging the community to read material that we can connect with from authors who share our voice. There's a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, and any program that is dedicated to bringing that message to the masses is more than worth my time as well as yours."

Boris "CAN DO" Kuperman had this to say: "I am happy to throw my full support and weight behind the hip hop and books literacy campaign. As most of my fans know I was not exactly a bookworm growing up. As a result I struggled with the educational opportunities ignoring those opportunities because of my difficulty with reading. I soon recognized that the key to my future success would lie in literacy. The hip hop books and literacy campaign provides a bridge for those of us who are struggling to understand the importance of literacy and life. If I could help through my participation in this program another person avoid the problems I had, I would feel that I have made a worthwhile contribution to the betterment of another persons life."

Hiphop and Books has gotten support from independent and nationally recognized recording artists, online and print magazines as well as authors from across the country. To learn more about Hiphop and Books, visit

To find out more about the candidates from I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY, visit

Interested in joining the coalition or have questions about how you can help? Contact Cyrus A. Webb at 601.896.5616 or via email at

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Stefanie Sitzer talks to Conversations LIVE! about life after DIDDY

On Friday, October 10, 2008 at 1p.m. EST (12p.m. CST/ 10PT), Stefanie Sitzer will return to Conversations LIVE! to talk about this week's season finale, the way she was portrayed on the show and the controversal "Sambo" comment that was at the conclusion of her interview. Look for what is next for the runner-up as well.

To listen live, simply visit or call the studio line to listen at 347.426.3645.

* Stefanie is a proud supporter of Shadow Play Entertainment's Hiphop and Books literacy campaign and the Ballin' With Books Literacy Coalition.

One Day After I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY finale, Poprah speaks!

Did you miss our exclusive interview with Kim aka Poprah from the hit VH1 show "I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY?" Listen to the podcast of what will be called the interview of the season right here:
Conversations LIVE! first talked with Poprah on September 16, 2008, and she became the first of 12 of the contestants from the show to come on the broadcast and the second to endorse the Hiphop and Books literacy campaign that encourages music lovers to read. As one of the most talked about figures on reality television is 2008, Poprah has secured her place as someone who is not leaving the public eye anytime soon. (see below)
Just one day after the season finale of "I Want To Work For Diddy", Poprah talked with Conversations LIVE! about the reputation she received on the show, what she really thinks about Suzanne and Mic taking the big prize, how her views about Diddy have evolved and what is next in her career.
To find out more about Poprah visit or

Suzanne and Mic take the big prize as Diddy's Assistants: Listen to all of our interviews with candidates here!

On Thursday, October 16, 2008 Conversations LIVE! Radio Show interviewed Red Tadjer of the hit VH1 show I WANT TO WORK FOR DIDDY. This completed the reality show circle with all thirteen candidates having appeared on the program to officially tell their side of the story, making Conversations the only news outlet to do so. Did you miss any of the interviews? Listen to them here!
Kim aka POPRAH
Boris "Can Do" Kuperman
Boris "Can Do" Kuperman
Kendra Haffoney
Kendra Haffoney
Robert Smith
Robert Smith
Laverne Cox
Laverne Cox
Georgette Cardenas
Georgette Cardenas
Deon Sams
Deon Sams
Briana Davis 

Red Tadjer

Red Tadjer

Boris and Kendra together after their double elimination (VH1's I Want To Work For Diddy)